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I am on my way to Santorini!!! I won’t be posting for a week, but when I get back, I’ll discuss everything Santorini!!-  Delicacies and special veggies grown on the island:  white eggplant, round zuchinni, and supposedly the most flavorful cherry tomatoes in the world.  I’ll also give reviews of restaurants and Santorini wine, and offer up some new recipes.

I’m most excited for Koukoumavlos, known for its extremely experimental cuisine. But also for the taverna tomato keftedes (tomato balls, mixed with mint, onion, garlic, floured and fried), white eggplant moussaka, and fava. My boyfriend Niko is already sick of hearing about which places were going to and what the menu is like… :-/

I’ve been to Santorini years ago with my friend Kelly (my favorite wine partner mentioned in the Wine and Cherries entry below) and we certainly enjoyed the restaurants and stunning views, but were distracted by the nightlife! This time I’ll be paying a little more attention to the food and I’ll report back soon!!


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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog! I’ve recently moved to Athens, Greece from the States. I am a documentary filmmaker.  Cooking and baking relaxes me, and I love how food brings friends and family together. I’d like to share my personal experiences as a Greek-American exposed to many cuisines with roots in the Mediterranean tradition.

I chose Synaesthesia as the theme of my blog because I appreciate food as an artistic and sensory experience. I will discuss aromas, textures, and the artistry of presentation.

I’ll also  include a variety of recipes from my family and recipes I’ve developed on my own.

From time to time, I will add reviews of restaurants here in Greece and from my travels.

I hope to inspire you to be as creative as possible with food through stories, recipes, and my familiarity with the delicacies of Greek cuisine!

I hope you enjoy…

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