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It was a success: Cooking with love, enjoying great company, and stuffing ourselves silly! (As proven by picture above) 🙂

Peggy, Evie, Anna and I spent alllll day preparing the meal, making the table festive, and cleaning house. (To avoid confusion, Evie is my cousin- I’m not talking about myself in the third person!) We divided the duties, thank goodness! Otherwise I have no idea how anything could have gotten done.

Evie did a gorgeous job with the table, didn’t she? The yellow napkins bloomed like tulips from the glasses. They added a bright elegance to the table. The low centerpiece was a collection of gourds, miniature pumpkins, candles, whole almonds, and walnuts.

Once the table was set and the stuffing was in the oven, we took a break for a light lunch.  Dinner was scheduled for 8pm and we needed something to hold us over. I brought over sun dried tomato and spinach wraps, along with poached pears stuffed with marscapone-raisin-cinnamon cream. We deserved it!

E Entertainment television (a.k.a. the vapid network) was on while we were eating and Anna kept exclaiming at the TV. She is perplexed at the inane females at the “Girls Next Door” Playboy Mansion reality show. I can’t blame her, those girls are pretty dumb. We also analyzed the catalyst that put the Kardashians in the limelight…seriously, why ?

But I digress!

An hour before dinner, there was showering, blow-drying of hair, makeup application, and lots of “which looks better, this outfit, or that outfit?”  We weren’t too exhausted to look pretty.

This may be another sign of my crazy neuroticism, but I labeled each serving platter. It really does help! (Don’t make fun).

As much as we cooked and planned, once guests arrived it was still hectic! But happily hectic. We were reheating the stuffing and corn pudding, making the gravy, and pouring drinks!

This was our friend Diamandi’s first Thanksgiving! He brought an incredibly tasty Apple Cake and also made us great margarita’s before the meal!

Peggy and Anna pulled the wishbone and Peggy got the lucky pull! We all thought that was well-deserved for her upcoming wedding in the summer! ❤

Then dinner was served! Cornbread, Corn Pudding, Ciabatta-Chestnut-Pancetta Stuffing, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Chutney, Turkey, Glazed Carrots, and Baby Spinach Salad (with burnt bacon that looked like raisins…ooops).

There was very little dialogue during the first 10 minutes of the meal. Everyone was eating eating eating!! I was so tired at this point but so happy that it didn’t matter. It was really nice to be seated with good friends enjoying the wonders of excess and gluttony together!

The desserts were…possibly even better than the food. Seriously! In addition to Evie’s Pumpkin Pies and White Cake, Peggy and Anna’s Pecan Pies, my Chocolate Tart…Kathy and Nikola brought Profiterole and Konstantino and Despoina brought Chocolate Cake and Pears, and Rita and Diamandi brought a beautiful Apple Cake….phew!

My chocolate tart, decorated with maple leaf stencils:

Evie’s Regal White Cake with stunning pearl garnishes!:

Kosta did us proud and managed to fit everything on the small dessert plates!

The kitchen looked like a war zone by the end of the night. Peggy is an amazingly efficient cleaner. I have to admit, I did the least amount of washing and drying…so major props to Peg, Evie, and Anna for that!

Here, some are recovering on the couch:

We really missed Peggy’s fiancee Ted who is in New York. But next year he will be here for the whole fiasco. I’m confident that we will drive him insane with all of our antics…:)

….I’m still full and in stretch pants.


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